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Things to faciliate winter showings

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Things to faciliate winter showings
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Here is a list of what may seem to be pretty obvious tips to
make it easy and comfortable for a broker and their buyer(s) to visit a listed
property for a private showing during the winter.  I say "pretty obvious" as all these things
are common sense but are all too often overlooked and take away from the buyer

1. Please shovel the drive, walkway, front porch, decks and
patios and make sure it is both accessible and safe for visitors. Ditto for
snow or ice on roofs, eaves, overhangs or garages.

2. For evening showings, please leave an outdoor light on so
it is quick and easy to access the lockbox and then open the front door.

3. Leaving all house lights on, saves time and shows your
home to its best.

4. Please make sure there are ample floor mats and boot
trays to accommodate visitor footwear.

5. Please keep floors dry and clean! few things are more
irritating or distracting than walking through a puddle or having to walk through
a dirty basement.

6. Keep a moderate temp in the 19-22 C range.  Many vacant properties are like meat lockers
temperature wise and this does nothing for a buyer trying to "warm up "to a property,
particularly when walking through in their sock/stocking feet on a cold floor.

7. Keep curtains and blinds open to admit as much natural light
as possible.  Light bright homes show
better and buyers are very much interested in this.

8. Have a pet management plan which includes daily removal
of any pet droppings that are emerging through the snow and ensure cat litter boxes
and the area around them are cleaned regularly.

9. Check for cooking, pet or other odours (hockey
equipment?) and ventilate the home using your HRV, as home odours are more
noticeable during the winter when houses (particularly newer more air tight ones)
do not get as much fresh air from opening windows and doors.

10. Minimize distractions: 
we don't need cooking smells, music, vanilla on the stove, excessive air
or carpet deodorant, personal photos, etc.

11. Leave out some good colour photos of what the house and
yard look like in the summer time, this really helps a buyer "see" the property.

12. Have a plan for any fireplace.  Wood burning fireplaces don't need to be lit
but should be clean and with wood or fire log ready to light.  Gas fireplaces should also be clean and ready
to turn on with directions on how to do so.

13.  No smoking...even
in the garage!

We would love to share our other thoughts on how to get your
property sold, so feel free to give us a call at 613-435-4692 or oasisrealty@rogers.com

Gord McCormick, Broker of Record
Dawn Davey, Broker
Oasis Realty Brokerage

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