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Selling in December: "to tree or not to tree? "
20 November 15 10:29 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
When I’m selling in December…should I decorate my home? Perhaps not the biggest question sellers and their Realtors may have on their minds late in the year but one that warrants some consideration. Christmas is an important time of the year Read More...
Ottawa real estate: seller tips for winter showings
18 November 14 07:44 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Alas, we are entering the winter doldrum season for Ottawa real estate (Nov-Feb are the slowest 4 months of the year!) Though business is much reduced, there is still activity and some buyers and sellers are still active. Winter brings some additional Read More...
Things sellers can do to facilitate winter showings
07 February 13 08:49 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Here is a list of what may seem to be pretty obvious tips to make it easy and comfortable for a broker and their buyer(s) to visit a listed property for a private showing during the winter. I say "pretty obvious" as all these things are common Read More...

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