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Buy first or sell first? Tough question in 2015 Ottawa real estate
22 March 15 10:38 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
The dilemma: Homeowners have always had to decide whether to find their “dream home” first and secure it or sell their existing home first in the hope they can find the “dream home” at the same time. For a look at some of the challenges Read More...
Condo Act review consumer input due by March 11th
22 February 13 11:32 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Condo Act Review: time is running out for consumer input The Ontario Condominium Act is currently in the final phases of being reviewed to determine updates to the legislation and what changes are needed. With the proliferation of condos, many problems Read More...
Disclosure statement often overlooked by new condo buyers
03 December 12 07:22 AM | Gord McCormick | 1 Comments   
What is it and why is it important? The disclosure statement is a compilation of information describing the condo, units and amenities, financial structure, responsibility and timing, first year budget, proposed bylaws, etc.. These documents are provided Read More...

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