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Listing inventory still the story in Ottawa real estate in September
05 October 13 06:01 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Listing inventory: (compared to 5 year average 2008-2012 at Sept month end) # residential listings: +28% # condo resale listings: +79.5% To put these numbers in some perspective, this means we have approx. 1,200 additional residential listings and almost Read More...
Ottawa April Sales "spring ahead" seasonally but listing inventory a concern
06 May 13 07:20 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
April delivered some relatively encouraging residential sales results with unit sales growing seasonally compared to March but remaining pretty flat compared to last year. Average selling prices were up slightly during the month. These are positive improvements Read More...
No signs of spring in Ottawa March real estate results
05 April 13 07:24 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Sales down, prices flat but listing inventory is the story in March 2013 A wintry March did nothing to thaw the slowdown in residential real estate results. The number of sales transactions was down and prices flat but the key indicator to watch is listing Read More...

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