16 tips to guarantee a successful sale in spring or summer 2016

Published 15 November 15 01:18 PM | Gord McCormick 

1. meet with your Realtor to discuss plans and get an up to date market evaluation and check up on your existing property.

2. establish a well buffered estimate of baseline selling price for your existing property.  This will help establish net equity in the existing property to apply towards purchase.

3. calculate all closing costs on selling existing property and purchase of new property.

4. estimate total costs of ownership for new property including; taxes, utilities, condo fees, maintenance and any other recurring costs ie rentals, leases, service contracts etc.

5. Meet with your mortgage broker or bank to review financial ramifications and build a plan.

6. book a home inspection now to check on all critical home systems and insure there are no hidden defects.  Inspection may result in recommendation for additional expert review or service call.

7. invest in a professional Staging consultation to determine what might be done to show your property to its fullest potential and what this would entail financially.

8. keep a close eye on properties selling in your own neighbourhood, so you have an up to date feel for the market and at what price properties are listing and selling. Your Realtor can set this up for you.

9. Have an auto search set up for properties to purchase in your desired area, style and price range. Again your Realtor can set this up for you.

10. Review all items and recommendations coming out of the Realtor evaluation and Staging or inspections and determine which have the highest priority and how it will help marketability of the property.

11. Schedule key preparation activities well in advance, particularly those involving professional trades, as can often be difficult to find when the spring busy season comes around.

12. Start to depersonalize and declutter now and make plans for offsite storage, if required.

13.  Gather all paperwork you have that will support a quality listing including; taxes, utility costs, floor plans, maintenance or upgrades done, manuals and warranty paperwork, leases or rental agreements (especially hot water tank.)

14.  Get all inside preparation done during the fall or winter, so you can focus on any outdoor work once weather permits in the spring.

15. Visit existing property listings and open houses to get an idea of what is available in person, don’t simply rely on online analysis, as listings and photos may not tell the whole story or do the property justice.

16. Always keep asking:  “…if I found my dream home tomorrow, how long would it take me to get my current property ready for sale?


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