Ottawa home seller tips: 20 questions to ask a potential listing salesperson/broker

Published 14 February 15 09:48 AM | Gord McCormick 

Questions every seller should ask before listing:

Many potential home sellers will be speaking with listing agents over the coming weeks.  Here are some tips on questions to ask:

Will your recommended listing price generate an offer?

How long should it take to get an offer and get the place sold?

If it doesn’t sell in 30 days will you allow me to cancel my listing?

If the property does not sell in 30 days, what is “Plan B” to get it sold?

What is the average days-on-market for your sold listings (or cumulative days-on-market)

Do you have any training, conventions, travel, holidays or other personal commitments that will interrupt service during the listing period?

What % of your listings have sold over the past year? 3 years? 5 years?

Where and how often will my listing be advertised in paid media?

How do you use paid social media advertising to highlight my listing?

What are the marketing limitations of my property?  What factors may mitigate against a successful sale?

Do you use professional photographers to take pictures of my property for listing and promotional purposes?

How will you keep us up to date on competitive listing activity in our area?

How many listings are you currently carrying? (# of listings may limit accessibility and service levels)

How will you help me with staging?

What innovative marketing programs do you offer that I cannot get from another Realtor?

What is our agreed communication medium?  (in-person, phone, email, text, messaging)

What is the protocol and process for showing appointments?

How long is the typical listing? (60 days is the MLS® minimum and this would be our recommendation)

Do you offer a variety of listing fee programs or is it “one-size-fits-all”?

Do I get a discount if the listing salesperson/broker also represents the buyer?

Do I get a discount if I also buy with the listing salesperson/broker?

Hopefully, this checklist can help interview planning and make sure you get the information that is important for you to make an informed decision about what services are being offered and if it is a good fit.

We would be happy to provide a no charge-no obligation marketing analysis of your property and come prepared with detailed answers to all these questions. (on vacation until March 1, 2015)

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