February 2015 - Posts

Who or what is to blame for abysmal listings to sales ratio in Ottawa real estate?
15 February 15 09:55 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Who is most to blame for abysmal listings to sales ratio? We were reviewing year-end numbers for 2014 and discovered some disappointing stats on listing to sales performance across the board during the year. Success rate only 48.1% for new listings during Read More...
Ottawa home seller tips: 20 questions to ask a potential listing salesperson/broker
14 February 15 09:48 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Questions every seller should ask before listing: Many potential home sellers will be speaking with listing agents over the coming weeks. Here are some tips on questions to ask: Will your recommended listing price generate an offer? How long should it Read More...
Why open houses work for buyers, sellers and Realtors
09 February 15 12:23 PM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Why Open Houses work! There is always some discussion about the value of open houses but from our perspective they are a critical part of a successful marketing program. We believe that at least a third (perhaps more!) of our listing sales have been generated Read More...

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