Ottawa real estate: Seller tips for summer listings

Published 23 June 14 09:07 AM | Gord McCormick 

Late spring and early summer should be the best time to sell a residential property, as most properties outdoor spaces will look their best.  Here are a few tips on how to make sure your listing is as ready as can be: 

1. Remember:  buyers shop online first, so make sure your house and property are 100% ready for listing and that you get the best photos possible. A professional real estate photographer is recommended.

2. Curb appeal counts!  How does your property look from the street?  What could be done to make it more appealing?

2. Lawns, gardens and trees should be well maintained and be an attractive accent not an eyesore.  Buyers will assume the whole home is poorly maintained if the exterior property has not been looked after.

Hire a lawn service, gardener or landscaping company if necessary.

Replace any dead, damaged or diseased plants, limbs or branches.

Fertilize lawn in early spring and again late spring. Cut grass at least once weekly.

3. Paint, stain and caulking: decks, fences, trim, garden sheds and caulking should be reviewed and updated where necessary.

4. Stage your outdoor space front and rear! Replace faded furniture or cushions or buy new furniture to highlight your best outdoor spaces. Key features like decks, patios and verandahs should get special attention and investment if required.

5. Check roof shingles, flashing and eavestrough.  Clean and repair as required.

6. Seal your driveway

7. Organize your garden shed and garage so buyers can see there is lots of room for their “stuff”.

8. Make sure garbage cans or composting does not produce any odour.

9. Indoor temperature at 21-23 C. (70-75F) One wants visitors to know the AC works well but don’t make it too cold or contrasting with the outside temperature.

10. Basement dehumidifier may be required as dampness and poor air circulation can produce a stale even musty odour in basements during this humid time of the year. Portable fans may also help or one can run the furnace fan if it is not too noisy.

11. Check window wells for drainage and remove any clutter or debris.

12. Clean all windows inside and out or have a professional company do it.

13. Check for unwanted wildlife, insects or pests and take remedial action ie. Remove wasp or yellow jacket nest.

14. Make sure all pet damage or droppings are attended to.

15. Remove any surplus or extraneous material that may be cluttering any portion of outdoor space.  When in doubt…move it out!


Happy selling!


Gord McCormick, Broker of Record

Dawn Davey, Broker

Oasis Realty Brokerage



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