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What we "city slickers" need to know about country properties
31 January 14 07:20 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
Many buyers consider a country residential property as their “Oasis” to get away from the density, traffic and hustle and bustle of our urban and suburban neighbourhoods. Fortunately, we have many excellent “country suburbs” or Read More...
Beware of "headlines" in shaping real estate plans
28 January 14 11:12 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
The last year or year and a half has provided an amazing disparity of headlines concerning the real estate market and where it is headed. We have seen a myriad of headlines in print and online media varying from “strong spring market” predictions Read More...
Ottawa Real Estate: key questions for 2014
22 January 14 09:41 AM | Gord McCormick | 0 Comments   
2013 was certainly a slowing year in Ottawa real estate, with residential prices inching up only at an inflation level and the average condo price actually decreasing. This was a significant difference from the results over the last decade where more Read More...

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