Will the Strandherd-Armstrong bridge impact real estate in Barrhaven and Riverside South?

Published 30 September 13 11:27 AM | Gord McCormick 

The long awaited bridge across the Rideau River is hopefully
going to open sometime in 2014.  Will
this link change the real estate dynamics in the newly joined communities?
Will one community or the other benefit?  (or lose!) 

Here are some key questions to consider:
Will Barrhaven buyers flock to Riverside South and provide additional demand for
housing in the area?
While the combined area will have a much larger population and
theoretically, Riverside South may benefit from more buyers now shopping in
their area, it is also true that competition will increase.  Buyers in the combined area will have an even
greater range of housing choices to consider and this will affect all buyers and sellers.

How will the new "mega-‘burb" creation affect the numerous builders and their
At the moment, Riverside South is primarily served by Richcraft,
Urbandale and Claridge while on the other side of the River there are many more
builders active including:  Tamarack, Tartan,
Minto, Richcraft, Monarch, Campanale, Mattamy, Uniform, Phoenix and Larco.  With most of the Barrhaven construction in
the southern and western portion of Barrhaven, it certainly brings these
developments in to consideration for Riverside South buyers who previously only
had 2 or 3 builders to choose from. 
Resale listings in Barrhaven (and to a lesser extent,
Riverside South) already face strong competition from builders and if anything
new construction will play an even more important role in properly pricing
resale listings in the future.

Will changing traffic patterns have adverse implications for some housing?
Traffic patterns will certainly change but it is impossible
to determine if any traffic bottlenecks will occur or if significant extra traffic noise
experienced.  Those backing on or near
major roads such as Strandherd, Prince of Wales, River Rd or Earl Armstrong may
want to consider how this might affect their buying or selling plans.

Will OC Transpo change their service pattern and what impact might this have on
Cost conscious OC Transpo will no doubt seek to "optimize" transit
routes and perhaps even lessen or do away with some existing ones.  This could either be a help or a hindrance to
certain commuters and hence their property value. 

We would be happy to discuss your buying &/or selling
strategy for Barrhaven or Riverside South any time, so please feel free to give
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