Pre-listing tips for savvy sellers

Published 15 May 13 09:44 AM | Gord McCormick 

Pre-Listing tips for savvy sellers in a challenging market:

With listing inventories currently running 30% higher than
the 5 year average (based on April 2013 listing inventory compared to
2008-2012) and builders offering some pretty interesting incentives on new
construction properties; sellers are facing a very competitive marketplace at
the present time.  Every little edge
could make the difference between getting a quick sale and achieving your
financial selling objectives and therefore should be considered.  Here are what we feel are some underutilized
pre listing activities:

1) Prelisting home inspection. 
Having a professional inspector complete a
prelisting inspection will mirror what a buyer's home inspector may find at
time of sale and this way the seller can address any issues.  Very inexpensive and could save a sale later.
2) Professional staging. 
Good stagers do a lot to optimize property presentation which is
critical to both online photo presentation and in person viewings. 
3) Prelisting 3rd party appraisal. 
Getting a bank type appraisal by a 3rd
party who is not in the business of selling properties is a very inexpensive
way to get both a sanity check on list pricing strategy and also potentially a
piece of marketing collateral, depending how the appraisal compares with the
listing price strategy.
4) Condo owners should order the condo status certificate
package available from their property manager, review it for any surprises and
provide it to your listing sales person.
5) Check on when you last had all systems professionally
checked or serviced ie. Furnace, duct cleaning, AC, HWT, HRV,
fireplaces/woodstoves (WETT inspection)
6) Professional painting is probably the least expensive
tune up one can do on a property to give it a nice fresh look and well
maintained appearance.  You'll get most,
if not all of this investment back and it will help facilitate a sale.
7) Professional window cleaning and eaves trough cleaning.

Gord McCormick, Broker of Record
Oasis Realty Brokerage



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