Hot Water Tanks: 4 things 75% of us don't do!

Published 10 February 13 06:13 AM | Gord McCormick 

Hot water tanks are largely forgotten in the corner of the basement near the furnace and as long as they work, most of us are happy to leave them alone.  However, like any mechanical device or system, they need maintenance to ensure effective and efficient operation.

1) hot water tanks should be drained/flushed once a year-according to Steve Maxwell, Canada’s syndicated home improvement specialist.  Lots of minerals and sediment can gather there over time.  Here is a great article from Steve Maxwell via the Ottawa Citizen on how to do this:

2) the anode inside the tank also collects sediment and often needs to be cleaned and occasionally replaced, particularly in areas on well and septic with hard water.

3) professional service and a checkup, once in a while is available and advantageous to ensure proper operation and extend the useful life of the device, particularly if one does not feel comfortable doing the maintenance chores in 1) and 2) themselves.

4) If you plan to stay in your house for at least 5 years then buy out your hot water tank rental.  These rentals are very costly and monthly rates are constantly increasing.  Why would you willingly pay $3,000 or $4,000 in rental payments for a $1,000 item?  Perhaps even a better question is:  why don’t these hot water tank rental companies occasionally provide some maintenance service as part of the rental contract?


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