Online "virtual showing" metrics a great tool for sellers!

Published 16 September 12 06:24 AM | Gord McCormick 


With so much preliminary research being done online by buyers, it is critical for sellers to understand how many “digital footsteps” have visited their listing online.  Tracking this sort of information will assist a seller in understanding how their property is being assessed by those who do conduct a “virtual showing” by “visiting” the property online.


While it is impossible to fully understand or qualify the interests or likes and dislikes of these online visitors, it is still useful to have a feel for the number of visitors and how this translates to buyer interest in the property.  Naturally, if an online shopper is interested enough, they will choose to either make a property enquiry or visit with their REALTOR® or via an open house on the property. 


It is safe to say that today’s online homebuyers are a quick study and spend a great deal of time looking at listings online.  They are also very discerning and will quickly discard or reject a property that does not measure up to their specific tastes and requirements.  Unfortunately for the seller, this means that this buyer could be lost forever, as a potential prospect.  (this certainly underscores the value of getting the online presence and pricing right from the outset, doesn’t it?)


Knowing how many visitors have clicked through a listing, gives one some idea of the reach of both the MLS® system and the individual REALTOR® advertising and promotional programs.  Also, if a listing is getting great online exposure and a lot of virtual showings but no one is coming to see it in person-then there is certainly something wrong that needs to be addressed.  If a relatively small number of people are even coming to “see” the property online, then the seller has an even bigger problem.


Because professional real estate is essentially a federation of independent contract sales professionals, there is very limited decision support and data mining tools available nor funds available to better extract/manipulate data from the existing store of MLS® data.(there also may be a reticence to release too much of that data, too-but that is another topic)

MLS® and Real Estate Board sites provide some basic metrics for real estate professionals to share with their sellers but we suspect these are not widely used.


We think we have developed a quality service for our listing customers where we compile “virtual showing” data from a variety of sources, so that our clients at least get a periodic feel for the amount of traffic being generated by their listing and our advertising and promotional programs.  This gives both our sellers and ourselves some important feedback on our programs and the property.  If you think this kind of approach would be useful when you decide to sell your property by all means give us a call.


Gord McCormick, Broker of Record

Dawn Davey, Broker

Oasis Realty Brokerage





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