"Picture Perfect" Photos: essential for a successful listing

Published 13 July 12 11:41 AM | Gord McCormick 

The old adages about a "picture being worth a thousand words"
and you "only get one chance to make a good first impression" totally applies
to online real estate listings.  If your
photos and indirectly your property presentation are not up to snuff, the
marketing of the property can really suffer.

The first step is sound preparation and doing everything possible
to make your property ready for sale. 
Those who watch HGTV know the importance of "de-cluttering" and "de-personalizing"
and removing any items that detract from the presentation of the home.  Sellers should endeavour to have their
property in "model home" or "show home" condition prior to listing and they
will be well rewarded for how successfully they achieve this goal.

Planning and listing preparation are a very critical time
and should not be rushed, as this can leave things undone, which ultimately may
affect the property presentation.

We offer our clients a "preparing for photographs" checklist
which helps them ensure they are ready come photo day.  We also provide professional photography with
every listing, as it is so critical to having good exposure or "virtual
showings" online.  We see far too many
listings not supported by professional photos or by having too few, too many or
poor quality photos.

If you believe that kitchens and bathrooms are critical
features in home sales, then doesn't it make sense that the photos highlight
these most important rooms and features? 
How often do you see listings that are missing photos of key rooms or
have poor quality ones, so that the online viewer cannot really get a good feel
for the space?

Photos should be in a logical sequence or flow and should
highlight the key features of the home. 
On MLS® we are restricted to 10 main photos but we can also add links to
additional photos on other websites and most professional REALTOR's take
advantage of this option.

The bottom line with property photos, is that they achieve the
goal of introducing the prospective buyer to the property in such a way that
the buyer is interested enough to make an in-person visit to the property.  That is the ultimate goal and to the degree
that is done well, will go a long way towards determining marketing success of
a property.

Gord McCormick, Broker of Record
Dawn Davey, Broker
Oasis Realty Brokerage

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