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"Enhanced" IRP Progam for government moves

With the 2017/18 fiscal year, the commission rate for Realtor assistance for those selling via the Federal Government national Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) dropped to 3.7% from the previous 4.1%. (it had been 5% on the contract before that-so Realtor % comp has dropped 26% over the last decade or so)

Fortunately, this coincided with a strong year in sales in the Ottawa market, so the impact may not have been as significant as it might have been.

So what’s the issue?
The potential concern with the new rate of 3.7% is that by splitting this amount (which is the norm) with 1.85% going to the listing agent and 1.85% going to the buyer representative and broker-is that buyer agents and brokers may favour properties that pay the more usual 2.5% commission.

Put another way:  would you prefer the job that pays you $7,400 or the one that pays you $10,000 for the same amount/duration of work?  This is the difference on buyer agent commission on a $400,000 property their buyer purchases under the IRP at 1.85% vs our program which pays 2.5% or $10,000.

If you believe Realtors are coin operated:
If you believe that buyer representatives may favour a property which pays a higher commission to them….then we have a plan for you!  Our “enhanced” IRP program follows the national agreement with a 3.7% commission but we pay out 2.5% to the buyer representative and their brokerage, so all those buyer agents are not getting “short changed” if their buyer purchases the IRP listed property that pays only 1.85%.

Great insurance, regardless!
Even if you believe that most buyer agents would not discriminate against a property with a lower payday, with our program.,…it doesn’t matter and you don’t have to worry!  Since speed of sale is critical for those posting out of Ottawa, our program helps ensure that your property is well represented and fully supported by typical buyer representative compensation.

Same great service levels:
We do not cut back on services, either-as our IRP sellers get our full service MLS® listing program and is of course consistent with and  we are registered under Brookfield Relocation.

If you are planning ahead to a sale in 2018, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your plans and provide an up to date market evaluation and prep suggestions on your property.

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A lower commission brokerage!


3% listing fees in Ottawa?

Some of the best listing deals in Ottawa! (subject to change without notice)

3% Listings in Ottawa:
3.99% full MLS® service listing fee for condo properties

3.7% for residential properties

3.5% full service fee for those both selling and buying with us-condo

3.0% (3 ways!)
1) full service listing, if you both sell and buy with us and you are upgrading by at least $100,000.
2) basic no frills MLS® listing (60 day listing only) pays 2.0% to co-operating broker.
3) if we sell your listing without having to pay another Realtor.

These prices are intended for suburban residential properties, *some conditions apply. HST is in addition to fees noted.  All fees quoted pay 2.5% to co-operating buyer representative unless otherwise noted.

 not intended to solicit those with existing representation agreements

See what we do for our full service listings: http://www.oasisrealtyottawa.com/Sellers_What_we_do_for_you/page_2526954.html

Call 613-435-4692 or email  oasisrealty@rogers.com today to book a no cost, no obligation market evaluation of your property!

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- 3.99% full service listing fee applies for condos, country properties, those on well and septic or other unique listings.

* we typically do not list commercial properties, businesses, lots, cottages, farms, mobile homes, multiple dwelling unit investment properties, co-ops, land lease or life lease ownership properties or rentals.

** special listing rates are available for builders, please call to discuss