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Flexible Buyer Representation Services

Buyer Representation:  What sets us apart?

We think we offer a tremendous buyer representation package that is buyer centric and very flexible in our representation approach.  Tenets of our buyer program include:

-flexibility to also shop for sale by owner listed properties or new construction without risk or penalty

-no high pressure “closing” tactics…we don’t “sell” you a home…we help you buy a home!

-flexibility on buyer representation agreement signing and terms and conditions

-optimal buyer loads and two brokers working for you, less chance of missing out on a hot new property

-boutique level service means less chance of things “falling through the cracks”. You deal with us and no one else.

-we tell you all the pros and cons of properties under consideration “warts and all”

Our buyer services are fairly comprehensive and here are just a few of our duties/responsibilities:

-we help buyers assess their needs and appropriate housing options and geographic areas for their budget

-we cover the Ottawa area and primarily work with buyers of residential and condo properties, although we have done the occasional cottage or country residential property.  Most of our work is urban/suburban.  If we have any geographic focus it would be west and south but that said, we have clients all over town and go where they take us. (not Quebec, though-as we are all licenced/registered provincially)

-we can refer buyers to mortgage brokers or bankers, for mortgage assistance. (pre-approval is always a good idea)

-we set up an automated search for buyers, so they get new listings immediately as they are published on the REALTOR® MLS® system and 24  hours before they appear on the public MLS® sites.

-we arrange for visits to appropriate properties that a buyer is interested in and attend those showings with the buyers.  These can be properties listed on MLS® or any For sale by owner site or classified ad in print or online.

-we do comprehensive research on market value and pricing for buyers to use in decision making and offer pricing submission

-we alert buyers to any and all concerns/issues relating to current and future market value and maintenance costs.  We try to give you all the pros and cons of a particular property, not just the features.  We always analyze a home and say to ourselves:  “what if this buyer came to us in 2 or 3 years and wanted us to sell the home?  What issues and concerns would we have as their listing agent and how easy or difficult would it be to market the property?  i.e.  If we wouldn’t want to be selling it for you in the future, then we should be also telling you the negative aspects or property limitations now.

-we create, submit and negotiate buyer offers on a property of interest, with all necessary clauses, terms and conditions to protect our buyer’s interests

-we can assist with referrals to inspectors, lawyers and other professionals

-we provide access and attend at any property inspections

-we help co-ordinate paperwork with 3rd parties and guide buyers through the process, so they know the steps and what is expected of them

-we visit new home sales centres and tour models with our buyers, we have occasionally even participated in buyer visits to the builder design center and the pre-delivery inspection

-we provide tips, links and suggestions on how to research a particular area

-we typically visit a property being purchased with the buyers a few days before closing, to ensure that all is still in good order and the property in the same condition as it was on the day the agreement was signed.

In summary, we try to approach every buyer situation, as we would if it was a member of our family that was making a purchase or if we were making the purchase ourselves.  We are low key and consultative and not high pressure sales focused.  We are more interested in quality of transactions than quantity of transactions.  Buyer searches can take as little as 2 or 3 weeks or they may take many months, depending on the buyer circumstances.

If this sounds like the type of buyer representation philosophy and service that makes sense to you, we would love to hear from you.

*not intended to solicit those already under buyer representation contract with another REALTOR®

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