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0+2.5% listing deal


2017/18 buy/sell deal:  Save 30-50% (vs typical 5% fees)

There hasn’t been a better time to be selling in Ottawa for many years and the resale market is in need of listings.  To help those both buying and selling in our coverage area, We are offering an unprecedented listing commission for those who buy and sell with us right now.

...because you can’t beat “free” (+2.5% buyer rep commission)
If you both buy and sell with us and purchase a $500,000+ home, we will sell your existing home for only 2.5%.  That’s right! We offer full service and support for your MLS® at zero (0%) listing fee to us, although you still will need to pay 2.5% (+HST) to a co-operating buyer representative and brokerage.

No reduced services either-you get our full suite of services and 2 brokers working for you.  To see what we do: http://www.oasisrealtyottawa.com/Sellers_What_we_do_for_you/page_2526954.html

If one does not purchase a $500K+ property then our rate is only 3.0% for residential or  3.5% if a condo is being sold.

How can we do this?
The market is active and well-priced mid ranged properties should sell in 30 days or less, so our cost and time investment is less than it has been in recent years.  So we are sharpening the pencil to reflect this and also work with clients who need the cost saving and experienced service to help facilitate their trade and protect their equity.

As independent (non-franchise) broker/owners, we keep our overhead low and can then also freely offer these kinds of listing deals.  With our overhead and the inherent level of buyer rep commissions in the marketplace, we can meet our own goals with zero loss of service to our clients and they have thousands or tens of thousands of $$.

So let’s say you are selling  a $400K property and buying something above $500K;  With the typical 5% commission fees, one would be paying $22,600 ($400K x 5% x 113%)

With our Zero+2.5% Deal that same client pays only $11,600 ($400K x 2.5% for buyer rep commission + 13% HST)  Saving a huge $11,600.

In this example, we can still run our business and do all our normal advertising and marketing activity on the sale of your existing home, based on the commission we earn on your purchase.

We don’t know anyone else in town offering this kind of deal!  So tell your friends but please don’t tell our competition!

So what’s the “catch”?

The key condition is that we must get 2.5% commission earned on the property the client is purchasing, if not then our normal buy/sell rates of 3% for residential and 3.5% for condos apply.

We can offer this in our coverage area and for core residential properties but not lots, commercial/industrial properties, mobile homes or other unique properties.

Our fabulous normal commissions are of course available for those who are simply selling:
Condo’s: 3.99% + HST
Residential properties: 3.7% + HST (same as government rate)

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to discuss your plans, please give us a call at your earliest convenience.  613-435-4692 

(not intended to solicit those with existing representation agreements with another Realtor)

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